What Is Incontinence?

Incontinence is the loss of control of urinary or fecal elimination. It is when you have no control over when and where you are going. It is a problem that affects millions. We are all born incontinent and we will most likely experience some degree of incontinence as we grow older.


  1. Skin Smart Fabric
  2. Discreet Color/Size Coding
  3. Stretch Side Panels
  4. Direct Lock Panels
  5. Odor Guard Protection
  6. Breathable Zones
  7. Soft Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
  8. Easy-Lock Fastener Strips
  9. Quick Wick with MaxSoft

Prevail® StretchFit™ Comfort Supreme™ is an innovative product that features stretchy side panels that are Easy to Grab, Pull and Attach for an adjustable fit that is Secure and Comfortable.

The stretchy side panels have Dual Easy Lock Refastening Strips that securely grip and hold without being sticky and are ready to be applied without any unfolding for easier application.

Prevail® StretchFit™ stretchy panels mean fewer sizes are needed—a 4-size brief system is reduced to 2 sizes of Prevail® StretchFit™.