To get a blood pressure reading there are two different methods of doing so. The first way is with an automatic electric blood pressure unit. This method is as easy as pressing a button and then reading your blood pressure on a digital screen.

The second method is to manually pump the cuff around your arm and then counting each heartbeat with a stethoscope.

We recommend using a automatic blood pressure unit for home use only because of how easy it is.

Omron 5 Series



  • Two User Mode – Allows two users to monitor and track their readings separately in the stored memory.
  • Advanced Averaging – Exclusive technology automatically displays the average of up to the last 3 readings taken within the last 10 minutes.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection – This monitor can detect irregular heartbeats while blood pressure is being measured. If an irregular heartbeat is detected, an indicator icon will appear alerting you so you can consult with your medical professional.
  • Hypertension Indicator – Alerts you if your blood pressure reading exceeds internationally recognized guidelines for normal home blood pressure levels.
  • 60 Memory Storage – 30 memory storage for each user (60 total) with date and time stamp that allows you to review the last 30 readings with a touch of a button.
  • 4 AA batteries included

If you don’t want to use an electric blood pressure unit, there is always the option of using a stethoscope. We sell manual blood pressure readers as a package so it comes with everything you need to read you or a loved ones blood pressure.

Manual Blood Pressure